Daily Goals

All of our programs are developed to build specific goals that are developmentally appropriate to each age group and each child, while also keeping your child safe, loved, and well cared for.

Infant Care

*A full day program for children 4 weeks to 15 months

*Develop social skills & friendships
*Develop verbal skills
*Explore & become curious
*Bond with others
*Develop fine motor skills & large motor skills

Toddler Program

*A full day program for children 15 months to 2.9 years

*Develop verbal & language skills
*Develop good eating habits
*Learn to separate from family with ease
*Develop academic awareness
*Build attention spans
*Following routines independently 


*A full day program for children 4-5 years old

*Reading readiness
*Music and Art
*Self-Awareness and increased confidence
*Memory and sequencing 
*Expanding attention spans 
*Adapting to teamwork and group projects  

Nursery Program

*A full day program for children 2.9 to 4 years old

*Building communication skills
*Growing independence
*Recognition of some shapes & numbers
*Recognition of opposite & positional phrases
*Group work and expanding awareness

Summer Fun Program

A fun way to entertain and maintain academics, social skills, and friendships your child has developed.

On-Staff Resources

*Academic Support Counselor
*Education Co-Coordinator
*Sign Language Educator
*Developmental Specialist
*Technology Instructor
*Yoga Instructor
*Music Instructor
*Enrichment Teacher
*Resource Advisor
*Early Intervention

Program Highlights

*Dinner with Dad
*Mother’s Day Tea
*Halloween Parties
*Field Day
*Grandparent Week
*Picture Day

Your Child’s First School Is A Very Important Decision

We realize that the decision on where your child will attend their first school is a very important one! Therefore, along with reading through our information, we invite you to visit our facility and meet our highly trained staff. We understand that you may have additional questions after touring our centers, so please feel free to reach out to us at anytime- by phone, email or by stopping by! We want to help you to make the best choice possible for you and your child.